New player looking for EUTZ pvp corp

Hey guys,

I’m a returning new player (7.5mil SP), and I’m looking for a pvp corp willing to teach a newbro!
I always preferred small to medium gang pvp action to large scale combats in mmos, so I’m mostly interested in trying this in eve.

My clone is alpha right now but I’ll go omega as soon as I have found a home!

Take care,


Come online please, I wish to convo you :slight_smile:

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Come and talk to us in The Riot Formation

We are an established nullsec corp with lots of content and we are very much newbro friendly. We can help you settle in and take part in all things PVP/PVE/Mining the works. We are EU timezone and very sociable.

Join me for a chat in our Discord: RIOT. Rectruitment


Alt o7

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Hi @Kepond_Pahineh

FUN inc is recruiting! Come and check us out!

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Sent you a main in game, looking forward to talking with you :slight_smile:

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We’re a uk based Corp, part of LORDE alliance. We have old and new players, returning players as well.
Our in game channel is brittas empire public.
Our discord is
Join, say hi, chat and see if you can fit in with what we offer :+1:t2:


Hello @Kepond_Pahineh,

We are a super active WH Corp/Alliance. Come see who and what we are in space.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

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Power, immortality, strength and bloodlust. Terms thrown about haphazardly to describe human nature, ambition and burrowed desires that is so constrained and inhibited by social ‘norms’. Words and definitions considered inhumane and barbaric, yet those ambitions are what truly makes a human into a man. A chosen one that is destined to become a pod-pilot, to walk amongst the stars. Without ambition and the strength of will to do what is needed, that destiny will never be fulfilled.

Xothyr Clade requires aspirants that hold such ambitions, those who will follow the Triglavian Collective.

Xothyr Clade is a corporation suitable for casual players, new players and experienced players.

Based in high security space we offer a range of content including PvP, Incursions and Missions

We are EU timezone based and respect each pilots available playing times so don’t enforce how often you need to be online.

We offer

Bullet Campaigns

We currently run a few campaigns and will be looking to add more in the future.

  • Aquire level 4 missions with Sisters of Eve. Reward: Triglavian Survival Suit (Encounter) or ISK value if already owned.
  • Ready to run incursions with our incursion group in Leshak. Reward: 250m towards cost of Leshak.
  • Aquire 100 kills. Reward: Triglavian Survival Suit (Encounter) or ISK value if already owned.

Bullet PvP

We participate in public fleets for Spectre Fleet (new player friendly) and Bombers Bar which run in low security and null security space.


Bullet Incursions

The Ditanian Fleet is an armor doctrine incursion community which we participate in using the Triglavian Collectives Leshak battleship. This is for more advanced pilots and creates a lot of ISK!

Bullet Missions

We run missions for Sisters of Eve which makes good ISK and prepares you for the higher level incursions.

Bullet Friendly community and help for new players

Come together and get advice, help, find fleets to join, run missions or just chat with our community.


Bullet Discord

Click here to join:

Bullet Teamwork

Bullet Mature and respectful of others

Xothyr Clade is a new corporation and is an opportunity for people with a postive outlook to join, have creative input into its direction and help the corp grow and mature.

Join the public channel on our discord server, our in-game public channel Xothyr Clade or contact Xeno Wolf via eve mail.

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Find us on


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Come join us in Delve, and have fun!

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Hi Kepond.

Would you consider a wormhole corp? Ill admit most of the current members errr on the side of industry at the moment but I am very keen to bring people on board that are interested in PVP so that we can use the low and null sec connections we find to go get fights.

here is our link WH Indy/PvP corp feel free to chat to me should you want to find out more.

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