90mil Primary (All Subs, Dread/Blops Bridger/) / 56 mil (Super/Carrier/Fax Alt Looking For New Null Sec Corp

(Omry Skene) #1

Good day New Eden,

I am a long term eve player that the game has gotten pretty stagnant over the years. I have trained my pilots up to exactly where I want them, but sadly cant find the right group to run with.

My main has just over 90 mil Skill points. He can fly all TC3, Subcaps. Rev/Nag/Moros Dread Pilot and Blops Bridger.

My super/Carrier/fax alt can fly all carriers / triage 2, and a Nyx Pilot.

Additionally I have cloaky hunter.

I am searching for a Nullsec pvp corporation who specializes in cloaky combat. I want to do more Blops, Dropping either bridging TC3 and cloaky bombers on unsuspecting groups of super krabbers. Dread bombs are a must, but no foolish drops to feed enemy subcaps. Corporation must want to do cloaky camps with T2 cruisers / T3C. Additionally I would like a safe haven to carrier rat in off times. I want a organized group of players who are on comms, willing to share intel and ship out to PVP when neuts decide they want a fight.

Corp Requirements:

Extreme interest in cloaky combat, Random Roams, Gate camps.

Sizable capital fleet with competent FC’s that can decided to drop

SRP: CTA Ships / Capitals for Corp/Alliance called fleets.

Carrier Ratting Space

Friendly outgoing corp members that want to have fun and enjoy eve again


(Poison Ivvy) #2

Hi Omry,

Check us out we meet all your expectations and more very chill US time base group with some EU.

Ingame Channel: Massage Parlor

(Xeno Dragoon) #3

@Omry_Skene swing by our discord and ask for “Cap James Tkirk” you’re looking for something that requires a little chat :sunglasses:

(Omry Skene) #4

still bored of eve and looking for a corp. I am questioning logging on? My panther sits inside my nag collecting dust. Both full of fuel waiting for a new home. My thanny/nid/apostle are alone inside a NPC station longing for its rightful owner to come back, to restart its main generators and warm up its jump core.

(shark shadow) #5

checkout the vids m8
you will like it here
also you will get a chance to use your big toys here :slight_smile:

(system) #6

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