92 Million SP returning player looking for corp. (US TZ)


I will be taking my time before choosing a new home so feel free to leave me some information here or mail me in game.

I’m returning after a little over a year break.
Spent some time living in WH space. I think I am looking for more of a highsec home right now.
Not opposed to more WH, low and null living if it sounds interesting enough, I just think I want something a little more stable to find my bearings again.

A little about me.

At the time of posting this I am about to hit 92 million skill points. I have branched out some but for the majority it is combat related.

Some of my break time skill setups were a little strange I’ll admit. ( I don’t have Amarr frigates 5 but as of tomorrow I will have Amarr dreadnought at level 5).

I’m pretty laid back and am just looking for a place to hang out with people and have some fun.

Those are the basics. Send me an eve mail if there is anything specific you wish to know. ( RL, Skills, Etc.)

Thank you for your time.


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Hey man check us out!

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Hello mate , come and have a chat with us !!

Whist we are not 100% USTZ we have a lot going on with lots of active players in that tz

Hey pal i would like to invite you to comenon our discord and have a chat with us

Sent you an in-game mail!

I’ll fire you a message shortly my man!

Hello my fellow EVE pilot,

Are you looking for a stronger adventure in New Eden? Occulus Rifts (ORIFT) is currently looking for dedicated Eve players to join our ranks. As a group we enjoy hoping on discord and find reasons to go blow something up on a daily bases. We are also looking for corporations to join our alliance as these new CEO’s would have a seat on the round table where you are value and respected.

*Most of all we are just a bunch of dudes that want to play EVE after a hard day of work. We all hop on around the same time every night to find something to kill. We have be playing in this corp for years and RL comes first. Contact X TREME1 in game. Most of us are in the U.S. time zone, we also have a fair amount of AUS and some EU players.

Things we offer:

  • PvP
  • Moon mining 10+ stations
  • Planetary interaction (PI)
  • Level five missions
  • Filament fleets
  • Accessible to Jump freighters
  • Relic and data sites

Our zkill board: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98246728/


Welcome back to the game, FAYN is a medium sized active corporation living in Null sec NPC after fallout from the World war Bee II. This has been a surprisingly refreshing change and the most fun we as a group have had for a while. Living in the NPC system it allows us to have security over our assets stored within the npc station.

We have many strings to our bow and i am sure you would have many questions so i invite you to join our recruitment channel to start this next chapter. “FAYN.Recruits” in game. looking forward to seeing you in spce!


Hey @Veeli

You should definitely come check out Embark. We’re a casual group that plays during EU and US tzs that live in npc nullesc and lowsec. We also have some sov null for isk making but we don’t primarily live out there.

Maybe of interest.

hey take a look at our Corp ad:

Hi, We are a small gang wormhole crew who is looking for a few more. A guy like you could become a real asset here. Discord

Closed at OP’s Request, has found a corp.