92M SP Jack of all trades looking for largish corp/alliance that does it all

Hi All,

92M SP USTZ jack of all trades, currently returned to the game after a few years and thinking about getting in with a largish corp/alliance. I’ve done the Highsec PVE/Mining/Indy thing, done the nullsec sov warfare thing (back when sov warfare meant 100 bombers spending 3 hours lobbing torps at IHubs and TCUs as nauseum), did the wormhole thing very briefly and ran the occasional incursion when they were the flavor of the month (are those even still a thing?)

Through it all, I guess I’ve figured out that I enjoy mixing it up. I like all parts of the game, and am happiest showing up for a massive coalition fleet fight tonight, a small gang low/nullsec roam tomorrow, and followed by a corp mining op or PVE mission to cap it off. Actually even spent some time with a couple guys just stealing ships left floating that we could scan down in nullsec not long after scan probes became a thing. It’s amazing what people leave just laying around :smiley: Even caught us a Moros once. That’s part of the reason my skills are quite broad, I was skilling to fly as many hulls as possible.

Ideally I’d like to find a corp that does a little bit of everything, with an emphasis on consistently putting up decent numbers in game and frequent (daily?) actual corp/alliance ops; not just everyone ship spinning or off doing their own thing every time I login. If I wanted to spend all my time belt ratting or running solo missions, I wouldn’t need a corp to do it.

But enough about you, you want to know about me. Been around the game on and off since 2005, most recently leaving in 2018 and returning a few weeks ago. Much has changed, but noting too crazy. As I mentioned before, 92M SP main mostly combat focused, able to decently fit nearly all T2/T3s and subcaps, as well as caldari carrier/dread (note that I said decently fit, not decently flown :D). Included at no additional charge is a 55M SP indy/mining alt with perfect Hulk/Orca/Rorq skills, and a 37M SP Amarr specialized combat alt who can decently fit T2 Logi and AHACs as well as all T1 Amarr subcaps. That plus a handfull of scanning and cyno alts I’ve left god only knows where in various lowsec stations :smiley: I’m pretty self sufficient overall, with a decent collection of ships and can field whatever is needed fairly quickly in most cases, just don’t expect me to go off and show up with a deadspace fit faction BS any time soon.

Not sure if it’s still possible to link skills (whatever happened to that evepilot site?). Either way, API (ESI?) available upon request. I’m USTZ, available most nights and weekends with an admittedly crappy, but at least functional headset and willingness to get on TS/Whatever. Older (30+) player, and definitely not looking for drama or BS, just a fun bunch of guys to pew pew with.

If you have actually managed to make it this far and I sound like a good fit hit me up and let’s chat.

Lets have a talk :smiley:

hey mate, we only recruit those who we think are a good fit. for what we stand for see here - Check our of summer special offer - Free beer, 20% off drugs and 30% off in any brothel

For our recruitment pages see here - start [WR0NG Alliance Wiki]

come say here and happy to have a discord chat with you, we have brought on board around 40 vets this months alone

We are always recruiting

Come have a chat with us :slight_smile:

Hey Chris, welcome back!

I think it’s worth coming to have a chat with Elysian Technologies Enclave!

[ELTC.] is primarily a community focused corp - built originally by a group of mates looking for another excuse to fly spaceships together again. We recruit individuals who gel with the rest of the community as those are the ones who we want to stick around!

We’re a corp built up of a lot of pilots in quite a similar situation to yourself - plenty of vet/ returning players who’ve done most things and looking to spend their time with the best bit of the game - with a group of active mates who have a laugh on comms and do plenty of stuff together.

[ELTC.] is a member of Fraternity. - one of the largest nullsec alliances in-game, and part of the Winter Coalition. What this means for our members is that we have a vast amount of options when it comes to content.

As you said in your post, you’re looking for a corp that has fingers in all the pies and does plenty of its own thing - that’s definitely the case with us! Moving past the alliance/ nullsec content - we have a base of operations in a c5 WH, which plenty of the guys use to generate their isk and get some of that tight-knit, edge of your seat PvP in smaller fleet comps etc. The rest of the time, we do our own roams (we have quite a few FCs, a couple of which are FCs for WinterCo) in null/ low/ wh/ wherever we can find targets (occasionally huntinng war targets in highsec).

If industry is your thing - I mentioned that we have some corp moons, but in addition to those you’d have access to Fraternity’s public moons, and the incredible level of trading and production infrastructure that has been built up in Vale of the Silent and its surrounding regions.

Before I sign this off - I just want to caveat all of this by saying we’re currently strongest in the EUTZ. We have plenty of USTZ pilots (including a USTZ co-CEO!) and are really hoping to build up our activity in that timezone. So if you joined up, you’d also have the opportunity to support corp development - if that’s something you’d like to try.

Anyways - I’ll drop our recruitment thread (for a more concise bullet list of offerings): [ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

… and our Discord: Insidious Gaming Society

You’ll notice the discord name isn’t [ELTC.] and that’s essentially because we are a community that sticks together even when others are taking breaks from spaceships - we play all sorts of games together and have semi-regular corp meetups :slight_smile:

Hello there, your welcome to come join us on discord (wrecky#4222) or join our public in-game channel “Aurora Dynamics Public” We’re mixed time zones US-EU-UK
Regular Pvp Content

Null-sec mining – Ice Belts, Ore Anomaly’s, Regular Belts and Moons R4 R8 R16 R32 R64

Null-sec Ratting – Free Reign to rat and a low corp tax rate

Manufacturing, research, and reactions

Regular Jump Freighter Service

Ore Buy back Program

Easy market access to two big market hubs

Alliance Run SRP and much much more

Lots of opportunities to use carriers

Are you tired of being blueballed in null? Do you want to kick over other peoples sandcastles? Want to move from null to having fun? Want to small gang and feel like you aren’t just a number?

Minds of Murders is a c4 wormhole corp with a C3/C5 Static. Come build wealth and salt with us! What we really want is to help YOU as our team. We are a corp that treats each other as family. If you do not have thick skin we are not for you. We kick over other peoples sand castles, We collect salt, and we murder whether that be rats or people ■■■■ goes BOOM. Wormholes will make you more isk and help you farther on your eve journey.

ingame channel murders pub. or tag me in here Murderous Mindset

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