[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

Elysian Technologies Enclave [ELTC.] is a growing corporation made up of a core of long term eve friends. We’re primarily a pvp corp that is keen to expand into all aspects of 0.0 and WH life, from PvP to mining and industry.

We’re a member of Fraternity, one of the largest and most powerful alliances in eve and part of the Winter Coalition which live in Vale of the Silent, Tribute, Geminate and the Drone Lands. We have plenty of exciting plans for the medium and long term future.

We’re very laid back, low requirements for mandatory operations, no screaming at you on comms for losing a ship (although maybe some laughter if you’ve done something dumb), we just want to have fun.

What we’re looking for:

  • EU and US tz. Will consider other tz’s
  • Ability to have fun in the game, jump on comms and have a laugh/chat
  • Ability to fly doctrine ships or approx 30mil SP (negotiable if we like you and/or you’re a hot lady)
  • Experience in eve - happy to teach you how to live in 0.0 and WH’s but you must have the eve basics figured out

What we provide:

  • Loads of leadership experience. Some of us have been playing since 2004 etc
  • Loads of opportunities to make isk, either in 0.0 or with weekly WH sleeper fleets (300-400mil per hour).
  • SRP on strat ops
  • Old Skool battleship roams where you will die a glorious death - none of this kitey rubbish.
  • All the infrastructure, security and organisation you get from being in a tier 1 alliance like Fraternity
  • Corp industry programme - become a project manager, use corp minerals/components to build and support the corp/alliance while earning isk for your time.
  • Corp doctrine ships
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere
  • Good space to live in with tons of facilities and a good active market
  • Objective based medium to long term targets to grow the corp
  • Active logistics to help you move

Eve mail Arrowspeeed, Daza Vyndre or hop onto our discord - Insidious Gaming Society if you would like to apply


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Daily bump, a few new members but still recruiting

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Very good Lads.

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We’re continuing to gain momentum, having established our base systems in NS. We’ve been stretching our PvP legs in our new home, and are ready to take on more and more fights. Industrial operations are beginning to spool up, and we’ll soon have the infrastructure in place to support our ambitions.

Join and be a part of a great community-oriented corp. See you soon!

Sunday bump, having great fun so get involved.

Up I say get up! Still looking for more

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Still recruiting

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Couple new guys in but still want more

Merry Christmas everyone, still want all you lovely pilots to come join us on our fun adventure.

Back to the top - we need more, even you ex goonies :slight_smile:

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While your drinking some special brew or a whisky tonight, mulling over your eve future as you count down the hours to 2021 you could do a lot worse than check us out. Don’t be another random number where no one cares about you - come join our little family.

He is right we have a wonderful alliance they are my awesome Eu friends they keep the fun rolling during there time and my corp keeps the fun going on the Us side come check us out we won’t disappoint :stuck_out_tongue:

RCB Rori

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