[EU/US] Elysium is recruiting! [PVP] [PVE] [Industry]

Elysium is a null-sec based corporation, with a strong presence in the EU/US time zones.

We have opportunities for nullsec ratting, industrial mining and production, as well as regular opportunities to participate in PVP of all sizes - ranging from small gang to big strat-ops at the corp/alliance/coalition level.

We are part of the Sev3rance Alliance, which is a member of the FI.RE Coalition, and we reside in the region of Scalding Pass.

What We Offer:

  • Regular opportunities to participate in PVP in all the sizes ranging from small gang to big strat-ops at the corp/alliance/coalition level.
  • Plenty of industrial opportunity with an abundance of ores, moons & PI for your industrial needs.
  • Nullsec systems with fantastic isk making opportunities (ratting, mining and PI).
  • We have a relaxed atmosphere where real life comes first, always.
  • Active and experienced leadership.
  • A mature player group.

Perks of Joining our Corp!

  • A ZERO Percent (0%) Tax Rate!
  • We’ll Jump Freighter (JF) your Assets out to our space - first trip for new members is free!
  • On-going JF program at both the Corp and Alliance level once you are established.
  • Corp Buyback Program for salvage, loot, ores, etc.
  • An “Everyone Fights” policy - ensuring that all members are actively engaged in defending our space.
  • Regular null-sec ratting, mining, and industrial activities.
  • BLOPS Fleets!
  • Help with ships and fittings so you can make the most ISK possible in Nullsec.
  • In addition to our Alliance Ship Replacement Program (SRP) Program, our Corp also runs a SRP Top-Up program, and provides Expedited Payment when Losses Occur!
  • Dedicated Mumble and Discord channels.
  • Alliance/Coalition Discord Market Channels.
  • A great bunch of pilots to fly with!

What We’re Looking For:

  • Pilots of all walks of life (PVP, PVE, mining, industrial, and more).
  • Willing to train into Corp and Alliance doctrines for home defense; if you can’t already fly them.
  • Participate when you can and support the Corp and Alliance.
  • A friendly attitude!

Please contact a member of our recruitment team for further info, or join us in the “Fields of Elysium. Pub” in game channel.


Damien Lenare (US TZ)

Lilith Cortex (EU TZ)
Marik Ishtar (EU TZ)
Rarum (EU TZ)

Join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/jq69HSj
Join our in-game chat: Fields of Elysium. Pub
Killboard: Elysium. | Corporation | zKillboard

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Had a great new recruit join us here today! Still looking at expanding on our EU and US TZ memberbase - pop by in-game or in Discord and ask for a recruiter. Cheers!

Good morning from the US TZ! Well - Canada - maybe I will start calling it the NA TZ; but I digress.

The important part is that we, Elysium, as a corporation, are still looking for great players to add to the team. Pop by our discord, or in game chat channel, and let’s continue the conversation. Cheers!

Needless to say it was a GREAT day here yesterday for the Corp! Why you ask?

Only one way to find out - Join us in Discord: Elysium. - Join our in-game chat: Fields of Elysium. Pub


We can’t count every day as an outstanding successes - however yesterday was definitely one of those days. Great coalition CTA fleet op by our members, both vets and new, and a pile of green on our zKillboard. Our processes are always improving towards simplifying the means of getting pilots into ships, and right into the action.

Is it perfect? No - but everyday is an improvement over last.

Reach out if you also want to be part of this story!

Still looking for great players to join our ranks.

Interested in our “Industry with Teeth” approach!?

Let’s chat!

Like roaming? Our team had a beauty of a kill yesterday: Paladin | Silvinho Ourives | Killmail | zKillboard

A big congrats to everyone involved!

Want to be part of the upcoming action?

Join us in Discord: Elysium. - Join our in-game chat: Fields of Elysium. Pub

Another great addition to the team here last night - the Elysium family is growing, and working towards our goals out in Scalding Pass.

We also had a quick Op for pest control in HS - exciting times ahead :wink:


The alliance Jump Freighter service is one great perk to being a member with us. Getting setup in a new Corp can be a real pain, and we try to simplify things as much as possible!

Your first haul out to Scalding Pass is free; we even have a JF location right in Jita.

Once you are setup in our space the JF will regularly be making trips back and forth to Jita; so while we have a couple of great trade hubs close to our base, harder to find items can be bought from Jita and then transported for a fee. These fees help to cover the fuel costs of the service.

Oh yeah - and still recruiting both EU and US TZ pilots. Reach out and let’s chat!

Time is tight here today - so no grand speech :grin:

Yes - we are still recruiting; stop playing hard to get and just come and chat us up.

Until tomorrow!

More additions to the Corp - particularly on the US TZ. Nice to see some great activity here as of late!

Did you know that our Alliance, Osiris Syndicate, is also looking for Corporations to join us our in Scalding Pass?

If your Corp is looking for a change, or potentially just looking to make a move out to Null, we may just be a good fit for you! Minimum 10+ active individual players per Corp - reach out to us in Discord (Elysium.) and let’s chat!

Just pumping the daily recruitment reminder :wink:

Corp Buyback services may not necessarily be a new thing, but when you operate out of Null Sec it is very convenient for ratting loot, PI Materials, and really just anything.

Oh yeah - also something that we have; delivered through a convenient Google Sheet and integrated into our Discord.

Want to sell us your stuff? Then join us out in Scalding Pass as a newly minted member of the Elysium Corporation :sunglasses:

Until tomorrow!

Great to see an handful of new players getting setup in our space.

We are still actively recruiting for more amazing pilots to join our ranks!

Is the minimum skill requirement 5,000,000 skill points like it states in the add inside EVE?

Hey Baal - that’s the general requirement, but we have been known to make exceptions for players that we really click with :grin:

Well that was simply an amazing 24 hours for us, not only as a Corp, but also as an Alliance.

The team is buzzing with energy - and I for one am happy to end this message on a VERY high note.

o/ - See you in space!

The expansion and improvement of infrastructure continues. While this little slice of space in Scalding Pass definitely didn’t look like much when we first arrived, it has grown into a place that we recognize simply as “Home”.

As we continue to grow as a corporation, and most recently here as an alliance, we are both excited and humbled by the progress made thus far. Many different hands had a part in this - our line members, our leadership, our allies, our coalition - and even our new found adversaries that forced us to evaluate, and adapt, to a new set of circumstances.

Looking for your little slice of space to call home? We may just have something for you.

Until next time - o/


Late night - recruitment and all that.

Join the channels, come chat, and rea… Zzz Zzz Zzz

Well it’s official - Dense Core Industries (DENCI) has joined our Alliance, Osiris Syndicate - welcome to all DENCI members!

Is your Corporation looking for a way to break out into Null Sec? We may just be able to assist in the process; more details here: