The most horrible Corp you should never join

Hi, we are ELTC.

  • We do absolutely not farm wormhole sites to make our members filthy rich.
  • Ratting in supreme Null Sec Space ? LOL you wish.
  • PVP both from corp to coalition level is something we absolutely despise.
  • The community is extremely toxic and EVE always comes first. If you are looking for good laughs with friends. Look elsewhere.
  • Mining Fleets with Buyback to build ships to hand out to our Members for free ? Sounds like some Communist BS to me…
  • If you think your Boss is an ahole you haven’t met our leadership yet.

You should absolutely not check out our detailled recruitment post here : [ELTC.] EU 0.0 corp is recruiting

and God forbid you actualy come on our Discord to have a chat. You will hate it and we will prolly hate you too.

he said it, so don’t join it.

Absolutely, pls go away