★ENFTG★ Eve No Fs To Give are Recruiting No Structures. No Allies. No Wars. Like NPC Corp But less Tax

★ENFTG★ Eve No Fs To Give
We have No structures. No Allies. So NO WARS. We are like an NPC Corp but YOU pay less tax. Do whatever you want. Go where ever you want with who ever you want. Corp Discord will be given when you join NOT compulsory. We hope to join in with the fun mining boosted fleets. NOT Compulsory. We hope to take our Corp members into bigger security missions then they have the standings for. So they can grow and reap bigger rewards and grow faster together. We wish to attract anyone Globally. So there is always someone to chat to and fly with. New and Veteran Members willing to help and fleet together. English 1st language but Other language Fleet channels available in Discord chat. If you prefer to talk your native language in fleets. We live mainly in High sec but go where you want. Clan Deals also available. You will receive mail with details when you join. Buy back etc… Over 80 members and Room for 400 Members and still training for more. Only 5% Tax Half That of NPC Corp. GL, HF and Fly safe.

Hi i am a sometimes alpha sometimes omega player with an alt (also alpha or omega) that play on and off but not dedicated as i have a life outside of eve. Just need somewhere to relax and play the game as and when and with whom i please. I can do most things but as i said i also have work and a life :smiley: I do use discord but only if required ie fleets etc though sometimes i do like to have a laugh and a joke away from work. Will i be welcome within your corp?

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You are most welcome. I have sent you a reply In game and an invitation. Hope to see you soon and Fly safe :slight_smile:

Still recruiting please join us :slight_smile:

Now Recruiting please join us :slight_smile:

Still recruiting plenty of room for everyone :slight_smile:

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