Alpha -> Incursions/Missions -> Omega -> Null PVE/PVP

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Here is your introduction to Eve. How to make a Corp great.

Chattsworth Buccaneers is a great start to your Eve career be it PVP or PVE. As your CEO I have played Eve Online since 2005 without any breaks and have done both with great success.

As a Corp we will be looking to recruit over all TZ’s and eventually appointing Directors in each of the TZ’s for the different styles of play. We are looking not only at Alpha players but also the veterans of the game and anyone willing to lead or train our fine members.

This is a Corp where you will not be judged but helped in your chosen path. As a Corp we also own Dogs Of War Alliance so should we ever feel the need to fight in the Alliance Tournament we already have the Alliance. So if any FC’s are looking to grow an AT team then give us a go. As a Corp we will always have our routes firmly set in High Sec space, as this is where we all began and future generations will appear. With a Corp 5% tax I will look to re-invest this in some 0.0 space rental. We can then go from learning our trades in High sec doing missions and Incursions, also moving from Alpha state to Omega to then making more Isk farming null sites.

Are you interested in the IT side and would like to join to offer your skills running a website using SSO tokens. Then come on in and help us get going.

There are many big Alliances controlling this game, let’s build a big Corporation to make the game fun again, doing what we want to do and when we want to. No big blue fest, NIPS or NAPS. Kill who we want and when we want.

All that will be asked of you is a full non expiring API. Not sure what this is then join The Jockey in game and talk to Frank or Terri.

So do you want to have fun and learn whilst having fun?

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