[ELTC.] EU 0.0 corp is recruiting

Elysian Technologies Enclave [ELTC.] is a growing corporation made up of a core of long term eve friends. We’ve recently reformed having taken a break from eve. Primarily an EU pvp corp that is keen to expand into all aspects of 0.0 life, from PvP to mining and industry.

We’ve just joined the No-Visual alliance which live in the Drone Lands and have plenty of exciting plans for the medium and long term future.

We’re very laid back, no mandatory operations, no screaming at you on comms for losing a ship (although maybe some laughter if you’ve done something dumb), we just want to have fun.

What we’re looking for:

  • EU tz although open to other tz’s if you’re comfortable that it will be quiet until we grow that tz more
  • Ability to have fun in the game, jump on comms and have a laugh/chat
  • Experience in eve - happy to teach you how to live in 0.0 but you must have the eve basics figured out

What we provide:

  • Loads of leadership experience. I’ve been playing since 2004 etc
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere
  • Good space to live in with tons of facilities and a good active market
  • Objective based medium to long term targets to grow the corp
  • Active logistics to help you move

Eve mail Dymorian Deile or hop onto our discord - https://discord.gg/mdmhN9N3rz if you would like to apply

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