88m SP Looking for PvP

Looking to return to Eve.

I’m looking for nullsec PVP. My primary interest is flying logi in subcaps and capitals.

EU Timezone with family, so available a couple of nights a week.

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Hi Preachs, just sent you an ingame mail :slight_smile:

Swamp Panthers has a couple of openings. So that you can see our PVP style, this is our killboard…Swamp Panthers | Corporation | zKillboard. Message Krymswn Kennedy in game if you’re interested. Thanks!

Hi Preachs.

If you ever return and want have a very simple game experience with the only focus in having fun with great group of pilots make sure to check our website www.mortisangelus.com or just join our discord for a talk

We are a 100% independent pvp corp/alliance that operates in venal. We are focused atm in cloaky loki/bomber camping and of course blops when we get the chance.


Eve Forum Post: ★ Nexus Core. Find a home, build an empire! ★

CEO & Recruitment - Nakito Kobara (Discord: Nakito Kobara#6850)

Discord: Join our discord!

hey mate, We own impass with daily PVP in small/large scale fleets as well as roams. Check out our site - start [WR0NG Alliance Wiki] and see our advert here Free top quality call girls, bags of coke and bouncy castles await within - if you wanna know more lets have a chat on discord

Family first always, we are a group of players who came back together after years away, have been going strong ever since. check us out.

Hit us up on discord sometime. Into the Ether

Into the Ether | Corporation | zKillboard (we actually pvp)

If you are interested in wh’s feel free to check us out:

[INOU] Inevitable Outcome [C2 5/0.0 PVP CORP] [EU] - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Hey mate, welcome back to Eve!

I think Elysian Technologies Enclave could be a good fit for you! We’re primarily community-oriented, which means we’re an RL-first group of mates who enjoy chatting and playing games with each other not only in eve but in many other games too.

[ELTC.] is currently strongest in EUTZ and we have acess to incredible amounts of content. For starters, we are one of the biggest EN-speaking corps in Fraternity - and thus also part of the Winter Coalition. This means almost constant access to big null fleets and home defence. On the smaller scale, and at a corp level, we also do corp roams in Null, WH & Low (we have a few FCs, a couple of which are coalition FCs). We also have a base established in a c5 WH if you’re that way inclined - a lot of our members use it to make their isk and get involved with the more hunter-killer style PvP of WH space.

On the off-chance you like to dabble in industry, we also have a number of corp-owned moons, as well as access to all of Fratenity’s “public” moons - which is coupled with the incredible level of production and trading infrastructure that has been set up in Vale of the Silent!

Since you said you’re primarily a logi pilot, I really think it’s worth coming to have a chat with us - the endless coalition fleets + access to the smaller corp level stuff should sort you right out!

If you’re curious, here’s our main recruitment thread: [ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

… and our Discord: Insidious Gaming Society

Drop by, say hello, and let’s see if you fancy giving us a go!

Hey Preachs,

I am the CEO of TNER. (The New Eden Resistance)
We are part of Sons of Bane Alliance.

We play in both EU and US timezones. We are a more intimate corp. Everybody knows everybody, and everyone brings something to the table. Feel free to chat me up in game.
Also you can catch me on our discord server: The New Eden Resistance

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