Swamp Panthers is now looking to add two or three new members

Swamp Panthers is a small PVP oriented corp and we are looking to expand with a few select players. We are not necessarily looking for huge skill point numbers, just an interest in playing EVE as a pvp first game and a willing to learn attitude. An interest in industrial objectives might be helpful, as we are in a Sov holding alliance.
Our requirements are not many, but there are a few. You need to have the following:
Omega status.
Discord and a working microphone or headset.
Willingness to install Mumble upon acceptance.
SEAT authorization.
Willingness to fly regularly and learn… Or teach, if you’re good already!
Thanks for reading, reply here or to Krymswn Kennedy in game.

still here.


Still looking for one or two dedicated players…

Still would like one more person…

killed a few vexors yesterday

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