Swamp Panthers, Looking for a few players

Swamp Panthers is a newly formed PVP and light industry Corp. We came out of Apotheosis of Caledvwich due to the CEO of that corp having to be gone in real life for a while.
We still fly with Wraithgaurd Alliance, we still build ships, and we still live in Curse. Also still old and still don’t talk until after the first pot of coffee.
We will never be a large corp. The goal here is six to ten regular players who know how to work together and enjoy PVP. If you might be interested, reply here or send an ingame mail to Krymswn Kennedy. Thanks for reading, have fun!
Krymswn Kennedy

Got one pilot, still looking for a few more. Killboard looking fairly green at 68% on ships, 80% isk efficiency. Come help us make it better.

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