Making the Move

Swamp Panthers Inc. Is moving to null-sec in two to three weeks. The move would be sooner, but I have some real life obligations that will limit my playing time for the next ten days and i would like to have a few more pilots on board. We will be joining a smaller but well established alliance that has Sovereignty over about a dozen systems. There will be plenty of opportunity for any and all activities that you desire to engage in from mining and ratting to major fleet ops. Our main focus as a corp will be on filling the covert ops roles within the alliance. If you like flying recon ships, stealth bombers and strategic cruisers, this may be the opportunity you are looking for! Comms will be Mumble and Discord, And all I really want from a prospective member is a desire to be good, learn together and have some fun. What i don’t want is Porn Addicts who feel compelled to share obscenity on Discord, Tear Harvesters who try to make other people quit the game, and Gamblers. If you are interested, reply here or hit me up in game. and even though we might be focusing on cov-ops, I’m not turning down a Capital pilot! Thanks for reading!

Got one new member, looking for a few more!

On your keyboard you’ll find a Return key, you should consider using it after a few sentences.

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Glad you found a home my, friend! Good luck in this new adventure

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