Casual Play in Null Sec

Elysian Technologies Enclave is a proud member of Fraternity, one of the largest and most powerful alliances in Eve.

Fantastic home in 0.0 close to Jita and low sec space.

We’re a community focused group where you’re not just another number and have good space to live in with tons of facilities and a good active market

Opportunities for all kinds of PvP from small roams, ESS raiding, organized fleets, and giant history-making fights.

Plenty of ways to make ISK, have fun, and enjoy all the game offers, whether you are interested in high-value mining, industry, exploring, or just shooting anything you happen upon that is not blue.

Fun and relaxed atmosphere, low requirements for mandatory operations.

EU and US timezones

Channel: ELTC Public
or contact Arrowspeeed Bounty

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