94+mln SP pilot, looking to join an Alliance in Null sector


I’m looking to join an Alliance in Null sector. I would like to participate to (ideally large) PVP fleet ops and to do some PVE. I’m currently a lonewolf in my corp.

In the best scenario, I’d join an Alliance over a corp so that I can keep my corp hangar and stuff. Also, given time, I could start to recruit some people to provide human ressources to the Alliance.

By my own self, I can put all kind of ships on the grid up to Capital ships. I’ve got 94.5m skill points.

I’m most active around 7:00am EVE time, but I log quite often through out the day. I can speak english and french and also a bit of russian (my russian is not very good at the moment though).

You can contact me through EVE mail/convo and also find me in the [999] public channel.


AUTZ/USTZ Corp Recruiting your skill points are impressive but my alliance is not accepting under 20 man corps there is large scale battles upcoming that’s forsure :slight_smile: just check it out :slight_smile:

Take a look, to be straight forward. You may be unsuccessfull to find a decent alliance that accept 1man corps. Dont want to be offensive just saying =)
Take a look at us or at any other corp of our alliance brothers.


NPC null cause sov is grindy, bloby and lame.

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