95m SP Player - lf T3-T5 Abyss frigate runs (US)

I joined back up lately and got into Abyss runs for the first time. I haven’t had fun like this in EVE in years. But with all the DDOSing, I got to looking at ways of running the higher tiers with less investment. Waiting days for petition replies on 1.5bil sacs is not how I want to spend my quarantine days off.

So I’m looking at T3-T5 in AF trios with skilled pilots - no implants and no bling required, just good teamwork. Before I go starting my own corporation over it I figured I’d check if anyone is already doing that. Basically looking for a skilled small ship team who is already experienced in or is willing to experiment in Abyss runs.

If so hit me up. Thanks

Respectfully not interested in nullsec blocs/living in w-space/groups who aren’t what I’m looking for but need members so they tell me they occasionally do what I’m looking for. Cheers

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