96.6 Million SP Character for WH or WH raiding Corp

Looking for a good corp in WH ( or empire that raids WH ). Hoping for access to c3-4 WHs.

Prefer a corp with a positive KB ratio, and active members. (alts are not members).

I would love to log in during the USA-EST TZ and see 10+ ppl online.

I do like to pvp, and want to try some raiding and cov/black ops.
I am coming back from a huge eve break and would prefer to join a corp that knows their stuff.
I can fly most every subcap (unless CCP made lots of new ships recently) I can covops cyno/bridge.
Can fly come Capitals if necessary. Love well organized small gang.

If i sound interesting, please reply here or shoot me a mail in game.

Any interest in high class? My corp Endless Defiance lives in a C5-C5 and mostly focuses on small gang and eviction/counter eviction content. So in that since we do a great deal of raiding. Though admittedly, we don’t do black ops very often.

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