96M SP Looking for corp

Hello there, I’m looking for a corp!

What I am looking for:

  • EU TZ
  • Active members that equally share my passion for PVE and PVP
  • Primarily PVE content and isk making
  • Hunting for content is something I also like to do from time to time
  • I don’t mind doing PVP on the side or when it’s called for
  • Wormholes tickle my inner KRAB (and a bit of PVP…)

What can I offer:

  • Activity between 1600 - 2200 EVE and more on the weekends
  • Participation in PVE and PVP
  • Small gang is fun
  • I can fly most subcaps
  • 96M SP
  • Possibly alts
  • Discord

What I am NOT looking for:

  • A corp that wants their members to be ISK self sufficient. I don’t have krab alts, nor do I do station trading cause that seems boring to me.

  • A corp that treats PVP as the king and that doesn’t care to balance it equally with PVE. I think both are fun…

come have a chat with us :slight_smile:

o7 After reading over your post you seem like you’d be a awesome fit with us if you interested my post is linked below please have a read 5 min max :slight_smile: best of luck on the corp hunt o/

small EU TZ corp attached to alliance, incursions, mining fleets, C3 WH ( new ) all the good stuff… jump into shield107 in game for more info/chat see if we are a good match ? cheers Edrik.

TSSOC has been around over a decade, lots of great members offering all aspects of Null in a mature and laid back playstyle

come say hi!


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