A free plex for unlocking achievement

a plex discount/promotion that gives you a “free ccp game” when buying a plex pack, so that if im buying my usual plex pack to fuel my pvp needs every month i would accumulate over time a bunch of ccp games that will be more accessible to me. also if i try out the game and score an achievement such as “play the game for a few hours” i can unlock an extra plex for free maybe? and its not limited to just games it can also be bundles with other products such as a vr headset

What other CCP games? :joy:


Pretty much this. I’m tempted to ironically suggest World of Darkness.

well for those who dont know, outside of eve valkyrie, gunjack, sparc there is also a first person shooter game being developed currently

The problem with this is it will not happen, and when you say “a bunch of games” you mean 4, 5 with the upcoming FPS.

You are basically trying to say “I am buying Plex, now give me a free game, also free PLEX for playing the free game” which by itself sounds entirely wrong and have never seen a business model work like this.


please excuse my gallentean, but what the ■■■■ did i just read?

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…yeah but come on. He probably meant legitimate good games.

This thread is a sign that the “everything for free” mentality is creeping way too deep into society.


Depends how sufficiently we mock the idea.

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