A Little Bit of Everything (For the new and old)

Corporation going through another rebuild after being dormant for alittle. Same managment is back and kicking. Our direction currently is a bit of everything. We were originally created as a family by relatives and close neighbors. We found our peak and soared on up in the ranks to the top at another location. Some of us have returned to help the next group reach their goals aswell.

We have never been ones to judge what a person can and cannot do. That is on the player himself to decide. We will give you all the tools to succeed in whatever profession you choose.

It is not much right now, but we have to start somewhere and more perks are to come as time passes and the corp grows bigger.

We are adults. With the sense of humor of a child. If you cant laugh then I would reconsider joining.

We do:

  • PvP
  • Mining
  • Some Mission Running
  • WH Exploration
  • Butt Stuff
  • If you are a new player just talk to Paco. He has some free stuff for you to help you get started on your path.

Recruitment/ Public Channel is Flat. Pub

Any questions you have can be evemailed to Deablo Paco. Looking forward to flying with you soon o7

Hey @Deablo_Paco

You guys interested in working together with a small alliance in lowsec with highsec islands?

We’re looking for more corps with ambitions to grow and who want a wide variety of content from highsec/lowsec moon mining to small fleet fights to blops and capital drops. I looked through your KB and you look like a group that might want to work with like minded individuals.

I’ll send you a mail in game but feel free to convo Arctanis if you see me around.


Thank you for this offer. My Directors and I are talking this decision over and should have an answer for you.

Recruitment is still open.

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