A Message to Wake up

‘Dante’ Ulyuudh Srycuum Adoulin walks up to the podium while holding the prowess of a statue within his stare as he looks into the camera with his crystalline colored eyes. He adjusted his microphone on his black ‘esquire’ outercoat then with a quick stretch of his back, he began with a soft tone and a loose smile, “N-n-” He stops with a quick stop within his words as he notices the stutter. He takes a deep breath then continues on with the same warming tone within his voice, “Namas hiadhardyum (friends). This is to the Federation Ulyuudhyam (warriors/ soldiers) and to whomever else within the Federation. Bhadhtadal…”

He looks into the mixed crowd of onlookers that are now put off or now interested by Dante’s words. As Dante talks to his audience, the screens that face the audience translate some of his words for the crowd knowing that some may only know some of what he says. Dante straightens up more but relaxes his expression then he continues on with a stern tone, “Wake up… Wake up to the truth, kiahm hiadhardyum (my friends). In our lives, we go on with pride in our work… yet honest work is hard to come by as there is dirt in every avenue. Even politics which is the dirtiest profession and line of work has dirt in the darkest recesses. People, do you know what is happening within the backstage of our galactic politics. I say to you now, that you believe the Federation does work in the name of democracy and freedom like the older Amarrian Empire and their God… The Federation’s actions are conservatively tyrannical in nature and the opposite of what they fight for-”

As Dante was about to continue on with his speech, a heckler interjects loudly through the murmuring crowd, “Wake up? You need to wake up from your tin foil dreams, you daydreaming ass!”

As some of the crowd is now laughing or snickering at the heckler’s remark towards Dante, Dante combats his remark with total control over his emotions really well so he does not crack under the frustrating situation, “I say to you that respect costs nothing, and I pity you but thank you for your presence…”

There are no more remarks coming from the heckler, so Dante straightens his coat and continues with his speech as though the heckler’s insult never happened, “Freedom and liberty are worth so much more than to just give it up to hidden agendas and dirties dealings. Freedom is not truely given but fought for. Its won. Some of you fight for others’ freedom every day. I honor your choice to do so, but your governing body will NOT give you your freedom. They may give you false liberties, such as voting and choice on what you want to do. They train you to fight for them without question or to do their bidding.”

Dante looks over his notes quickly one last time, " They’re indoctrinating your families to be their spies and meat shields. Your children are the next generation of slaves to be trained and treated like puppets. Wake up… Bhadhtadal… You are sheep and cattle raised for slaughter. You sleep in ignorant bliss to everything that you don’t want to see. You are the Sleepers for the Federation to control while being in a construct they designed for you to be at bliss, and your lives are in danger and truest liberties are being taken away while you fight to take another’s freedom for the Federation… Wake up… Question everything that is given to you and fight to bring down the corruption of tyrants… Thank you and many blessings to all of you."

Dante walks away, notes in hand while walking off the stage. Little boo while many cheers at Dante as he walks away, waving then bows and mouths ‘Bhadhtadul’ before he disappears behind the curtains. The video broadcast ends soon after.


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