A question about weapon batteries

I’ve been start recently the POS warfare but when i try to destroy some incapacited weapon batteries, when they come on the hull they absorb 99% of my damages. Is there a reason ? Many database doesn’t mention any hull resistance on batteries so i’d like to know why i cant’ break them.
Thanks for answers

Once the weapons are incapacitated, they will get 99% hull resists. As they are incapacitated, they aren’t a threat until repaired. Kill the tower and you can then either kill the batteries or repair and scoop them up.

And so, i have to pass through the 99% resist of a Control Tower with something like a Dread ?

Any ship you want. The more damage you do, the faster it will go. There’s a reason why CCP added new structures :wink:

No. A tower does not get the same effect when it reaches hull. It should just have whatever resist values are there in the show info menu.

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