About the installation path

Well, since my MacBook Air has a small storage, I bought a mobile hard disk and try to install EVE. However, I cannot find the path setting in the launcher and it always install the game in my main storage. So I wonder if I can find a way to install the game in my mobile HDD?

Don’t know about the installer specifically, but once the launcher is installed you can choose where the files go by changing the Shared Cache location.

When I try to execute the windows launcher installer exe, in second step I have the opportunity to decide where the launcher should be installed.

How can I change the location? I can only reveal it in my finder41

Hmm. On Windows there is a “Move” option below that. Perhaps that’s not something they have on Mac.

As an IT guy I can think of a couple of ways to get around it, even if the app doesn’t officially support it. Like creating a symbolic link at the location there, pointing to a location on your external drive. But that’s not something I would recommend trying unless you’re comfortable with the command line and have some IT experience?

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