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Well, since my MacBook Air has a small storage, I bought a mobile hard disk and try to install EVE. However, I cannot find the path setting in the launcher and it always install the game in my main storage. So I wonder if I can find a way to install the game in my mobile HDD?

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Don’t know about the installer specifically, but once the launcher is installed you can choose where the files go by changing the Shared Cache location.

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When I try to execute the windows launcher installer exe, in second step I have the opportunity to decide where the launcher should be installed.

(Eva Timewalker) #4

How can I change the location? I can only reveal it in my finder

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #5

Hmm. On Windows there is a “Move” option below that. Perhaps that’s not something they have on Mac.

As an IT guy I can think of a couple of ways to get around it, even if the app doesn’t officially support it. Like creating a symbolic link at the location there, pointing to a location on your external drive. But that’s not something I would recommend trying unless you’re comfortable with the command line and have some IT experience?

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