Absence of Reality - a new c2 hs/c3 WH PvP Corp LF Pilots

Absence of Reality is a c2 hs/c3 wormhole PvP corp (our wh has a cataclysmic effect so good for RR based doctrines) We are a corp aiming for experienced pilots with a program to let a few newer (not newb) pilots into the corp to keep things fresh and motivated.

We are looking for pilots who like to hunt, fly solo or in small-med gangs. We never intend to become a major large scale fleet entity, preferring the small-medium sized engagements for the fun-factor.

We are looking for:
-8,000,000 sp or more on main account
-alt account (for probing at minimum)
-active pilots (RL comes first but we do want pilots who are willing to commit and be on regularly.
-ability to fly a t2 fit drekevac and an armor t3C or Cov Ops Recon
-pilots in either the Post downtime TZ or US Evenings.
-Headset and Mic (required) we use discord
-Willingness to use Pathfinder, our mapper utility.
-sense of humor (we get pretty dirty on comms)
-adults only (not interested in children or teenagers will kick if we find out under-18)

We offer:
-c2 hs/c3 cataclysmic variable WH system with an Astrahus to live in (will upgrade once we have enough people to man a proper defense fleet to a Fortizar)
-decent PI for those interested
-experienced, motivated leadership
-highly specialized roles in our doctrines that allow pilots to shine in their chosen role
-support with moving in and out
-Pathfinder mapper
-Discord Voice Comms
-copious amounts of absolutely ludicrous gifs and one liners for local after the GF’s
-experienced BLOPs , WH and subcap nano-gang FC
-advancement opportunities

We are currently in the formation phase of the corp and are looking for several pilots for officer positions, providing they have the skillset and activity to warrant those positions. If interested in becoming an officer let your recruitment officer know and what experience you have.

You can reach us @ Absence of Reality recruitment channel in game

Thanks for your time,
Happy Hunting
AoR Management

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