Absurd 562.9% 500mn MWD only negative powergrid

Only powergrid rolled negatively.

Contract issued by “dwadwadadwadwa Naari”

As of 22/09/2019 21:55 it is the fastest available 500mn MWD available on market. WIth all positive roles except a minor powergrid increase.

250 Million Isk Bid. Contract auction up in Jita. Couldnt be bothered watching or spamming so its on auction now snagg it cheap and resell if you like.

Updated price (750 Million isk now) after looking into it a bit more I dont think it was worth the original asking price. shameless bump

Item is now on auction because Im to lazy to wait for a sale. cheap start, auction is up on Jita with 1 week time frame no reserve, It goes for what ever it reaches

Bumping for final few hours on auction ^^

Last hour final bump

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