Abyssal [ForceDeath] filaments : roguelike in Eve

The idea is to make a filament where you WILL die at the end.

Therefore, the goal is to go the farther , with difficulty increasing with (basically) time.

  1. existing flavors (dark, electric etc.)
  2. you start with a 20-min timer
  3. same rooms as abyssal, except no loot.
  4. every 3 rooms, instead of going back, you have an (at most) 50% encounter with other players (like the previous abyssals). Once only one player remains, you have an accessible ship to send the items back (basically in asset safety), as well as 3 item caches, next room gate opens, and your timer is reset to 20 min. Basically you can loot the caches, loot the other player if there was, drop the items in the bay, and go back for 3 more . Or you can self destruct.
  5. starting difficulty is the one of the filament used, then +1 every set of 3 rooms
  6. loot is ×3 to compensate for the loss of your ship.
  7. can be done in a group, for destroyers or frigates using resp. 2 and 3 filaments.

When we got crossover. There was roguelike event on serenity…



sorry, ia ni gavari parovski :smiley:

me neither. But in game UI at beginning of the stream is in english so you can get rough idea. Maybe someone else lurking around will be able to provide some translation.

Well, I hope they can tell why it’s not kept in tq.

I mean, dungeon crawling with permadeath is more dark and Eve than the current farmland abyssal.

And having to weight out your fit price against your income would be a better learning for newbros .

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