Abyssal Modules for Sale!

I have some modules for sale, all in Jita ready to go!

50MN Abyssal Microwarpdrive (Gistum B-Type + Gravid)
189.9GJ Activation Cost
546.1% Velocity Bonus (near max)
345.6% Sig Radius Modifier (near max bonus)
42.86tf CPU usage (near max)

Abyssal Warp Disruptor (1) (Domination Warp Disruptor + Unstable)
39.18GJ Activation Cost
33.41KM Range (near max)
30.53tf CPU (near max)

Abyssal Warp Scrambler (True Sansha Warp Scrambler + Unstable)
6.93GJ Activation Cost
13.34K range (near max)
34.35tf CPU

Abyssal Stasis Webifier (1) (Dark Blood Webifier + Gravid)
8.8GJ Activation Cost
-57.8% Max Velocity (-55% on normal Dark Blood)
16.62k Range (15k Range on normal Dark Blood)
23.38tf CPU (25 on normal Dark Blood)

Abyssal Stasis Webifier (2) (Fed Navy Webifier + Gravid)
6.64GJ Activation Cost
-62.8% Velocity (60% on normal Fed Navy)
14.94k Range (14k Range on normal Fed Navy)
23.98tf CPU (25 on normal Fed Navy)

Abyssal Warp Disruptor (2) (True Sansha Disruptor + Gravid)
45.81GJ Activation Cost
34.18km Range (near max)
38.99tf CPU

If you’re interested, feel free to mail me in-game with an offer

Daily bump, still for sale!

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