Abyssal: playing real RNG

No one is going to camp a beacon 1 meter off a keepstar grid in 0.0 for a half hour and have 50 titans dropped. So atm it is just another zero risk boring rat site for blue donut to farm.

If you want to play RNG then do real RNG - beacon will spit you out in completely random system anywhere in the galaxy. Then slowboat the loot through hostile space OR roll another filament that could exit in jita or could exit in VFK.

Possible scaling - low tier loot: same region - medium tier loot: nearby regions, - high tier loot: anywhere at all.

Iā€™d rather start with preventing their use on grid with structures before exploring this idea of being randomly spit out in b.f.e.

A bit of counter camping is healthy yet I agree that player structures defending beacons or being a able to instadock after being spit out of the deadspace hole is too much.


id rather people just be allowed to crash the site like with every other part of eve -.- . remember when eve prided itself one one server one universe without instances separating players. even sites with locked gates can be accessed if you have a copy of the key

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And yet, even then, some sites can be ran with hostiles in system with near-complete impunity. Take the Guristas 10/10 escalation, The Maze, for example. There arent a whole lot of ships that can get through the gates without any issues, and a pack of ships working their way into the site are fairly obvious on dscan.


Hear Hear

and there lies the difference

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At which point the site runners abandon the site or get ready to fight.

Neither will happen in these new sites.


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