Abyssal Pockets in Lowsec

I want to do these cocksuckers in lowsec. Argue with me about why I shouldn’t.

Or better yet, lets discuss how it can be done.

Edit: Just to get the ball rolling. Here’s some talking points based on speculation. I’m talking about solo first of all. If you live in lowsec with a corp you could have friends guard the exit when you’re ready to come out. I’m more curious about what happens when someone wants to do an Abyss run in lowsec, or in null all by their lonesome. Is it even feasible? Is it suicide?

My assumption is that abysses will go deeper in lowsec/nullsec than they do in highsec. I believe I heard mention of this in CCPs presentation, but I only watched it once, so i could be wrong.

Possible strategies:
-Using a stratios
-Using mwd/cloak trick
-Using blinged out PVP fits to do the sites and fight whatever is waiting for me when I come out?
-Doing it in a deserted system (obviously)

anyone have any thoughts?

Edit 2: @erg_cz used an extreme sports analogy and I love it. Pretty much explains why someone would want to do this in the first place.

4 people in prison cell. Zoophil, pedophil, necrophil, killer and the guy, who likes extreme sports.
First guy: some nice sexy cat would be nice to have…
Second guy: kitten would be enough…
third guy: dead one…
forth guy : and I will be the one, who kill it !
fifth guy: mnjau…

You sound like the fith guy atm… “I want to do the thing in a wrong way. How I can do it most optimal?”

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Hey don’t discourage fresh meat to the grinder! Those poor guys in lowsec can always use more prey to hunt. :wink:

My thought is that low-sec will be hoping this creates more content for them. I think they’re going to be disappointed. So my answer is you shouldn’t run them in low-sec because denying them the opportunity to pad their killboards is worth its weight in salt.

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If you ask me, abyssal pockets should ONLY be in lowsec, but that’s neither here nor there. The reason I made this thread is I’m thinking there has to be at least some incentive to leave highsec for the better pockets.

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71% of EVE players reside in high-sec and many players live in wormholes, so it ain’t gonna happen (and wishing and wanting won’t make it so). Low-sec has been turned into a wasteland by those who inhabit it.

I inhabit it :frowning:

I suspected as much.

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You nailed it.

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Pretty much this. Have an alt/friend watch the exit so you at least know what you’re getting yourself into.

I’ll likely run them from low if there’s any benefit for doing so. If there’s not, well, oh well; I’ll run them from high.

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Low sec is for PvP, not for inhabitation, IMHO.

Well that’s like… your opinion, man.

Honestly, I plan to bait with these things.

Will jump into the pocket in a buffer fit cyno ship (pilgrim, 100k EHP with lots of space for tackle and neuts). Hang out cloaked in the pocket for 15 mins, and then leave. If there’s someone there waiting for me, spring the trap and delete them.

Won’t even bother doing the site.

No cloaking in Abyssal Deadspace.

Okay, I’ll bring a depot and a repper. Clear a small space and wait there, then warp back to the exit. Just means one more high slot free for a neut.

No depots or warping inside Abyssal instances either as far as I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only one person can go into the pocket. I’m talking about when you come out of the pocket and there could potentially be people waiting because the door to the pocket will be visible/scannable in some way.


This is the kind of thinking I like.

Shrug. Semantics at this point. There’s a million ways to bring cynobait into pve content.

The most beautiful thing about all of this is they’ll be expecting a cruiser… a T1, T2, Faction cruiser. The restrictions placed remove a LOT of uncertainty from the attacker’s point of view. The fact that it’s instanced PVE will likely make them expect PVE fit ships.

So they’ll get their cruiser… and a point… and 30 carriers :smile:

Was not my intention to be nit picky just wanted to inform you so you are aware.

Nothing wrong with that at all. Personally I’m going to hold off on concrete plans until I know exactly what I’m dealing with. Some time on SiSi when the appropriate content is released will certainly help.