Add industry or lp store tab to trade goods

I’m tempted to add this to the little things thread, but I suspect it’s a bit more involved than what the little things team can do.

Trade items like faction tags are used in lp stores. I would like those specific item’s “show info” windows to reflect how they’re used, in an industry or a separate “lp store trade” tab.


Perhaps some might feel like this is “dumbing down the game,” but to be blunt, you can generally find that information out anyway with a 3rd party website. So the only people left in the dark on this matter are people who are unfamiliar with the systems or how EVE works.


For that matter, if CCP adds a lp store tab, players could just look at the show info page of the specific item, and find out what items they need to turn into the lp store to recieve the faction module.

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