Adhocracy - EVE's Oldest Wormhole Corporation

What is an Adhocracy?

“Any form of organization that cuts across normal bureaucratic lines to capture opportunities, solve problems, and get results.”
- Robert H. Waterman, Jr.

Who is Adhocracy?

Adhocracy, or ADHC for short, is the oldest wormhole corporation in EVE Online. ADHC was established in 2008 and has been living in wormhole space since 2009. We spend the majority of our time there running sites, huffing gas, mining rocks, and – most importantly – hunting everyone else also trying to do these things. If it’s in wormhole space, we probably have members who are doing it.

Our members are mature, experienced players who strive to get the most out of EVE. True to the Adhocratic ways, we have very few restrictions, and actively encourage all members to participate as much or as little as they like in ongoing operations. One does not need to have special titles, roles or permissions to run operations; any member can do so and drive content and/or ping for assistance as content is discovered.

ADHC is active in both the EU and US timezone. We live in Hub, a C2 system with C4 and high-sec statics, putting us at the center of the wormhole crossroads with good access to both content and k-space.

We have an active Slack, Mumble, and private forums. Members are paid through a claims spreadsheet that pays out for mining, huffing, scanning, scouting, recruiting, killing sleepers, commanding fleets, flying logistics, and pretty much everything else!

Can’t I just watch some videos?

How do I join Adhocracy?

We’re glad you’re thinking about joining Adhocracy!

We’re currently working on our recruitment process. The easiest way to apply is to jump into our in-game public channel: Adhocracy Public . There you can chat to members and recruiters and get any questions you have answered. You will also be able to fill out an application. Once this is done, let us know in our public channel and we’ll arrange a recruitment interview.

If no-one is online, feel free to send a message to one of our recruitment officers mentioned in the MOTD of Adhocracy Public.

Adhocracy Requirements

It’s up to the discretion of our recruitment officers to decide whether you have sufficient skills to join ADHC. That being said, here are some important guidelines:

  • Microphone
  • Covert ops and scanning skills
  • T2 armor and shield tank and weapons
  • At least one T2 cruiser hull (T3Cs and Command Ships recommended, but not required)
  • Willingness to learn the way of Bob, the capricious wormhole God.

Adhocracy Links


Captain’s Log, 19th August, 2017.

Every day in EVE takes a different path. In wormhole space, this holds further truth. The path changes every day, and takes a different route at every opportunity it can find. It is a perpetual shifting maze of walls closing in on you, with enemies hiding at every corner and allies always just slightly too far away.

Today, in that regard, was no different.

Things started quietly in J214308, known as “Hub” to those brave pilots who live within. A passing flurry of rolling connections had left our mapper looking dangerously complicated and full of EOL and crit connections.

The only stable connection was a new frig hole leading into a C2 chain, which we rapidly dubbed “E” and began to explore for content. With the new Agency sites rapidly building up in pockets of losec, we managed to run nearly 40 before getting distracted by a passing Rattlesnake. However, numbers were poor and with typical efficiency we managed to fail to tackle it. Whoops.

The discovery of 23 pirate faction relic/data sites in a single system shortly before downtime helped us to put things into perspective however. Bob giveth and Bob taketh away, and it is not our duty to question why he would take our hull-tanked ships and leave us with over a billion ISK in loot (with downtime reset mechanics helping).

A few more pilots logged on after downtime and requested that we try to make their entries on the spreadsheet look a little healthier. Shattered frigate wormholes - commonly known as C13s - are great for fun, yet profitable, site running. A few confessors trundled down the chain to an entry to a “Class-13” wormhole and spent a happy hour pondering whether Confessors really were the best ships for the role (spoiler alert: they probably are) and trying to work out whether we had enough tank to run the relic/data sites in the hole. A little PvE goes a long way to inspiring people to find content and giving them the stamina for patience, and when our static X766 and N766 collapsed almost simultaneously, we were prepared to search.

Today has been a day of Micro Jump Field Generators. Spying a group making runs to Jita through their hisec static, we made a cunning plan to tackle it, jump it away from the safety of hisec and burn it down. Despite half a dozen online pilots, a Bustard, caught off guard, met it’s Next Encounter with a Sabre and Bifrost, netting our scout nearly 300 million ISK in loot.

Next Encounter Services, however, were not to be dissuaded. Congratulating us in local for a well-planned, well-executed and successful gank, they asked whether we had any interest in honour-brawling. By which they apparently meant “fight us 1v4, because we don’t think that we can take you otherwise”.

Agreeing to bring a T1 Battleship - the remnants of a successful roam from earlier in the week - to fight their T1 cruisers, I was mildly surprised to see their composition was two Mallers, an Exequror and a Blackbird. The fight went predictably, and they were rapidly diassembled and their ships looted.

Good luck to Next Encounter in their attempts to clear structures from their new home. May your willingness to fight never change.

Having extracted kills and content from Next Encounter, we rerolled our hole to see what would happen… only to find another hisec, another Bustard, and another opportunity. Unfortunately, our sabre pilot had to go AFK at the worst possible moment and the transport escaped… but in our attempts to tackle it anyway, we attracted the attention of the Bustard’s friends who warped at range and cloaked. Cue interceptor piloting.

ECM had a big effect once again, but the arrival of counter-jams combined with some good tackling from a ceptor led not only to a kill, but also to the theft of a Raven - the occupant choosing to save his pod as he saw a replacement Adhocracy Sabre landing on grid.

Today’s highlights:

  • 1b in Relic/data loot
  • multiple opportunities to practice booshing things off of hisec holes
  • C13 site connection (yay!).

Today’s biggest failure:

  • we still can’t tackle thing in kspace.

Do you want to help us tackle things in kspace or learn the mysterious ways of killing people who rely on hisec holes for safety? Join Adhocracy Public and chat to a recruiter now!


I would like to thank Li Stok of Shadow of xXDEATHXx for his contributions today.

We will never again be short of MTUs for our casual ratting ops:

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Just a bump for good measure. Great corp. highly recommended. Had a lot of fun here to date.
Just last night we found a group using Marauders in a C4. We missed out on the Paladins but got a fight out of them anyway.

Our pilots have been enjoying C13 sites for the last few days. Here in the depths of shattered spacetime, large hordes slumber in everlasting sleep, ready to be blown apart in the pursuit of ISK. With only frigate hole entrances, along with a wolf-rayet-on-steroids bonus, we’ve been turning to Confessors to run sites.

By the hundreds.


I’ve run something like 150 sites in the last few days. And it’s actually kind fun. You do 1000+ DPS in a confessor.

Which is much needed, because I’m literally incapable of overheating my guns without burning them out which leads to occasionally embarrassing losses.

In conclusion: please can Bob bring me more C13 wormholes so that I can bring even more armor battleships into the hole to lose in embarrassing fashions?

I’d also like to thank reddit and the EVE forums for making the recruiters work hard. They’ve been complaining that advertising has been effective. Which confuses me - surely they want it to be effective so that we can gain new members and blow up more stuff? And they get paid for every interview! So they should stop complaining and start working.

If you’d like to help drive them crazy with the influx of new blood, go ahead! Adhocracy is still recruiting. Join Adhocracy Public, fill in the application form, convo a recruiter and ask for an interview! It’s quick, painless, and I promise to only get you killed a few times every day.

Sometimes you just have to go for it.

The bounty on killing a capital has been slowly increasing over the last few months, and pilots are getting increasingly desperate. Today, another chance emerged. A Rorqual was spotted in siege mode, and with only a few seconds left before it exited, a sabre was deployed to the grid to tackle it.

Attempts to get an armor fleet on grid to hold it indefinitely were met with a shortage of logistic pilots, leading to the untimely demise of our vanguard, which died just a few minutes before a backup fleet arrived to take over. In the space of those few minutes, the enemy Rorqual managed to escape the mining belt safely and dock up.

In short: we need more logistic pilots. Are you up for the challenge?

I would like to thank Chance Ravinne for ensuring that explorers drive the bling-fit Stratios. Blue Katelo’s donation to our loot pile is kindly appreciated.

Get your share of the loot today by joining Adhocracy Public and speaking to one of our recruiters.

We’re still recruiting, still shooting things, still failing to tackle Paladins in faction warfare complexes.

Can you fly a frigate with a Warp Scrambler II fitted, onlined and fully repaired? If so, we need your help it seems!

Come show us how it’s done by joining Adhocracy Public and speaking to one of our recruiters.

Adhocracy is recruiting.
Join us in our public channel - Adhocracy Public

[Video] This is Adhocracy

Having spent the last week getting incredibly bored and shooting structures, we have once again reopened recruitment to everyone that wants to see it.

Come tell terrible jokes to everyone online, give up your day job, and prepare your applications.

Longest surviving wormhole corp in the game wants you to come be their new member.

If I ever have to move to a C2 stat ns/C5 then I might just break down in advance. So glad that operation is over.

Come live in a proper wormhole with proper statics by joining Adhocracy.

Hello @Wolfgang_Mort,

I wanted to stop by and check in officially. I love the history of your group and until yesterday had a huge respect for your leadership as well as your line members. However, the encounter between our groups yesterday in J Space, I’m calling it the ‘Hecate Affair’ left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Initially, when the ‘Hecate’ attempted to drop on my bashing (2) pause manticores, that was legit WH actions…the Stratios that waited for me to knock him off prior to being blapped instead, pretty cute. However, forcing me to allow a ‘Dead Corp’s Timer’ to expire on a structure, was a complete and utter ‘D@#$ move’. And even after I advised your line member (possible leadership) to move on, nice try. Well, he decided to attempt a gank instead of asking for a legit ‘GF’ privately or even in local at this point.

I absolutely loved the fleet response you had, but we could have shipped into doctrine for a real fight if we had known that you were there to truly FIGHT. We were there to clean up WH Space and open that C3 up for an actual active player base for content. ADHC attempted a complete drop on a ‘bashing fleet’ comp instead. Bravo…you won the day!

The greatest thing about EVE is that no matter the outcome of a single engagement; there will be others that follow, and follow they shall!

FYI: The numbers were even, but wanted to show the result of the incident anyways…

See ya soon in space and enjoy the free ‘Bump’ on the forums,


WHSOC - Jump to be known

Adhocracy gave us a GF yesterday. o7 GASFREAKS

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That is good to hear. @Bromeus_Cahal.

We’ve moved to a new website ( and forums (!

Since our last post, we moved to a different system, a C2 with a C4 and high-sec static. Interested? Check out our public channel, Adhocracy Public!

Applied to the corp woud love to chat and see if i am a fit for you corp thanks again