Back after a few years of not playing and having a hard time deciding on where to take my character. Any suggestions on which way to take him? Interested in pve and pvp and I’ll admit I don’t have much experience with the latter. Here is my character . Which skill path should I take and if your up for explaining why then maybe you can help me make sense of this mess. Thanks in advance! Please no trolling.

Do you think you would open to null, or would you like to stay in high sec? If you want to go to null, I suggest Test Alliance Please Ignore or Brave. If want to do high sec, you can try incursions, then use money from that on PvP activities, or you can do faction warfare, which you can make isk and get good pvp from. I’ll make a choice tree.

Null->Joining alliance->Makes money though ratting or mining.

Low->Joining an FW alliance->Makes money though FW sites/LP->Gets PvP from small gangs/solo/CTAs

High->Solo/corp->Makes money though incursions, missions, mining, or exploring->Gets PvP from solo roams/small gangs.

Wormhole space->Joining an alliance->makes money though killing sleepers/mining/data sites-> Gets PvP from small gangs which are mostly roaming null.

Does this help? I tried.

All options are open from where you are. I would recommend focusing on core engineering, navigation and tanking skills for a while. Followed by T2 small weapons. is a popular and useful ship you can train quickly and will be welcome in most PVP alliances. Svipul can also easily run level 2 missions and most of the event content in the game as a source of income if you choose to remain in highsec.

Beyond that, you need to decide what career path you want to follow. PVP and industry will provide long term progression. PVE tends to plateau quickly and you’ll need social connections to stay interested in the game.

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