Aegis Victorium

Are you looking for a great group, in null. Accepting both newer and returning players at this time! message us today!!!

Returning to game with the recent offer of 20% off omega!! looking to get into null sec??!!! want to pew pew with a great group! then Check us out!!!

HEY you!! yea you, I see you lookin! at us all dreamy eyes, thinking damn I wanna go blobs on people with that cool crew! WELL! guess what you can!!! check us out on Discord and get the application rolling! Then if all looks good and you can banter like the rest of us on comms you too will be drinking the tears of the enemy as they beg for a standing fleet to save the day!!! OH an dif you dont blops… well we still got a place for you! on moons, or anoms or ratting sweeeeeet officer loot thats up to you!!!

What a time to join a null block! before the changes! Leave that high sec corp before Ore tanks in high sec! Get in on the capital escalations and fly cool space pixles! with us!!!

Expansions here, and you may be like I want to see some of them new Cap sits, then give me a message on Discord!

New expansion! join up and check it out! We are looking for new and returning players! Check out our discord and lets chat!

Looking for a change! wanting to see what Null has to offer, want to hammer F1 like a champ in major fleets! or join our corp in small gang pvp fleets to run! heck even chat on comms while munching yummy rocks. then hit us up on discord!

We are still looking!! for more awesome people!

Great community for players! looking to add to the fun times! check us out!

new patch notes! cool changes and opportunities in null sec! Join Aegis Victorium
Lets build a community!

OH we raiding skyhooks and drills! come join in the fun!!! Message me on discord!!!

Another Rading success!! big plans for skyhooks and more! check us out!

(post deleted by author)

We have a solid base of players now! and as such decided to Open recruitment without the restrictions above! Currently seeking active players looking to join Null sec and learn more about eve!! Reach out on discord or in game (Amile Niteraith)

Looking to get back into eve! want to be in null sec and participate fleets! Mine! run anoms! then check us out! Active Corp looking for more active members!

great things are happening and we would love to chat about you joining the team!!! reach out to me anytime on discord at Aegis Victorium