After 5 years in Doomheim

…my biomass was reconstituted! My punishment is doing these damn tutorials… again!

Got school and career sorted for the moment and shopping grad programs in Germany. If you know of any in-game channels for exposure to learning/speaking German, let me know.

Looking for ways of making passable ISK with very low SP and a lean wallet, but I’m not a good scammer. Gas harvesting costs tens of millions just to get started, so I’m putting that off until I can afford it. Other suggestions?

Whatever you’re doing in Eve, I hope you are enjoying it. :space_invader:

Exploration maybe, but you can go gas huffing in a Venture.

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Scamming, like any skill, requires practice.

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Fair point. I haven’t found my er deviant streak yet, I guess.

With regard to the gas harvesting, the skillbook is like 30M+ which is gonna take a while to save up for doing baby content. Keeping it in mind for later though.


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