Again, Multi-8+-Account Ice Miner

What’s the deal? ISK-Seller, which is verboten?
Keep in mind that firing that much accounts is over 1000 Dollar a year…

Not sure if we are allowed to name and shame here on the forum, but I could list several players that either bot or multibox ice anomalies. There are a few solutions to the problem. The easiest is to get a Mach or Stabber and bump them every time you see them and make it as difficult for them as possible. Eventually they will leave. Alternatively, you could hire a merc corp to nuke their entire fleet every single day until they get the point. But back to your original question, yes, they are more than likely ISK sellers…

Multibox mining fleets are perfectly legal as long as you don’t use input broadcasting or other forms of automation to control them. In the bad old days before input broadcasting was banned, we used to have 50 ship multibox mining fleets.

The fleet operator needs to earn enough to PLEX the accounts and ISK/hour is nothing to get excited about in highsec - there are easier ways to get rich in Eve.

Since the fleet is generally anchored on 1 ship you can disrupt it by bumping that ship out of position. The good folks at CODE also provide some risk for multibox fleets.

if the chars are fully trained the accounts are free or nearly free if you extract them every month though

I multibox 10 miners in null sec. I’m now a isk-seller/bot ? lol


Mining like this is the ONLY way it’s ISK/hr comparable to other activities in game. And if the accounts are also doing other things it can be pretty profitable.

Say I run two accounts making apx 300 mil an hour on X. If I run X for 7 hours each week I have 8400 mil in profit minus PLEX fee of 3 bil so 5400 mil in profit.

If you mine with 6 accounts in NS with 1 booster and 1 hauler you can make approximately 300 mil an hour (each miner works at 45 mil/hr plus the booster). Extracting SP is mandatory in this scenario, say it costs 250 mil to extract each account, so you spend 2000 mil on PLEX/Extractors to fund the 8 accounts.

The second scenario pulls in 1 bill more a month baseline, and has 40 some odd characters to run PI with, and/or manufacturing. This set up takes less work to run too, aside from the time to set up the PI.

What in the world in wrong with multiboxing? It’s the only way to make mining worth it at all.

I currently run 13 accounts; 11 miners, 1 booster, and 1 ore-runner (Miasmos).

Having that many accounts doesn’t even put me close to being an isk seller… even if I mined some theoretically infinite asteroid of Arkonor 4 hours per day, I’d only be making 39B/mo (600B gross, -21B to PLEX them). That’s what…under $500 worth of PLEX if people paid the same (obviously they wouldn’t to a black-market source). So what, even if I COULD mine that much and DID – I’d be working 120 hours for what… $200? Doesn’t seem like a good ROI, chief. Not much you can do with $200/month, is there?

So again – why would you “name and shame” a multiboxer for doing something that’s perfectly acceptable by game mechanics… and a required activity to keep the character isk-positive when PLEXing (after skill extraction). And it takes a lot of attention to use Hulks/Covetors with a single hauler while trying to not use multiple cans or a freighter… there are easier ways to make isk.


Boring play style, when a game turns into work, plexing 10 accounts each month. It would burn me out real quick and make me leave EVE in the end…


You are. Do it. Seriously, every single one of them.

The problem always is and was that there are places on the globe where $200/month is actually a very good income. So for them it is a nice business to grind ans sell ISK.

Obviously this is not good for the game, but I find it rather strange that the game industry just marks them as criminal when there could be an opportunity here to change things.

That’s the wrong way of thinking about it.

  1. You don’t know if that’s his only fleet.
  2. You don’t know how much actual effort he really needs to put in.
  3. If i handed you 200$ extra, for low effort, would you not take them?

I’ve spotted a lot of people in real life, who automatically think that any extra income isn’t worth it, if it doesn’t replace their work-income. That’s nonsense. These 200$ mean he has 200$ more in his pocket, and that’s what really matters. Even if you just make ten bucks more per week doing some silly 10 minute task, that still adds 10 bucks per week into your pocket, paying for cigarettes or whatever.

In the long run every little bit is worth it. 10 bucks per week, in a year, are still 520$.

Eh, not really. Once you have enough SP to mine efficiently you can SP farm on each account then everything you mine is profit.

With +5 implants it should take you 370 days to earn 12 months of game time.

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