Agartha Forgeries - Nullsec Industrial boned corporation looking to devleop our own Agartha kingdom - SOV NULL AU/EUTZ!

I’m sure many of you have never heard of the name “Agartha”, I certainly didn’t until I was looking for meaning for this corporation - Agartha in mythology is a legendary kingdom within the earth’s core, said to have untapped riches and be one of the more perfect areas of the world, without disease, and full of prosper, essentially perfection.

As a ceo I was fascinated with that idea, and of course here I am applying it to eve.

The Agartha forgeries is exactly how it sounds, and industrial boned corporation, with all your classical expectations and opportunities you’d expect of a nullsec corp, such as

  • Buybacks
  • Corp operations
  • Fun content and a general enjoyable team

But we wouldn’t be able to create the Agartha kingdom in eve if we were just like everyone else. We provide you with opportunities that allow you to build your own unique experience.

Some of the unique opportunities we provide include:

  • Large accessable markets for you to sell your own products
  • Taxless R32s and R64s
  • Insanely cheap moon rental prices open to members
  • Access to a multi billion isk BPO and Reaction library - That 1bil+ of T3 Subsystems a day aint going to build themselves
  • Opportunities for you to take up and lead build teams to explore and take advantage of the market
  • 100% SRP on doctrine ships in fleets

Every corporation has an ideology, weither you choose it or not. Agartha Forgeries runs off Commutation Corporatism, after all working individually can only take a corp so far, with a team the sky is the limit.

As a corporation we do have some basic null standard requirements

  • You train our doctrines (small gang and honestly quite low SP)
  • You meet our activity requirements
  • You follow our authentication needs
  • Active on discord along with all voice coms

PVP Wise yes we are an industrial cored group, but I don’t know about you but I’m bloodlusty, we have teeth and we like to use them - Small gang is our jam, come jam with us

Overall when you decide you decide to join you put in what you want out of it.

Join our Discord @ : Agartha Forgeries

We don’t accept people just sending a random application to join, if you want to join reach us via our discord, if you are a spy and you want to spy send an application to join ingame; you wont be accepted :slight_smile:

Recruitment is open!

Recruitment Open!

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Recruitment Open!


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