Agartha Forgeries is a NS SOV group. We do "fake" indy. AU/EU/US TZ

Agartha Forgeries is a NS SOV group. We do “fake” indy.


  • Ideally be able to fly T3Cs
  • Minimum 5mil SP
  • Willingness to PVP in any form


  • CrapRP (SRP for crabbing ships) and crab progression help.
  • CTA SRP (You get to do massive gang for free :kek:)
  • Opportunities to play Sex SIMULATOR online as a group
  • Bountiful PVP content. Offensive Roams, Blackops, ect. Tons of small gang gang.
  • A Tight knit, CAPABLE community.
  • Guidance to progress beyond ishtar ratting in money making.


  • “Dock up”. What are you a scrub or a pussy, get out and fight.
  • “I can’t make money” while being progressively ignorant to any advice being given
  • People who don’t want to have fun
  • People who cant at least tolerate a wide range of ■■■■■■ up humour.

■■■■ you. We aren’t convincing you why you should join us. Convince us that you belong with us. (Masochists Only)

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