[AUTZ PEW] [Super Serious OP Gaming PVP] - Agartha Forgeries has sent a friend request to your BALLZ

Agartha forgeries is a corporation that believes every player in the game should taste our balls. Who better to start that on than our enemies!

We are currently on active deployment in the south! This means that we are shoving our balls into our current wartargets using the methods:

  • Blackops CANCER
  • Blackops baiting
  • Balls out cucking the bads with good ships
  • Targeted and focused nano gang roams
  • Waterboarding and whaling

We are looking for players that are willing to either learn to thrive or to thrive in a primarily PVP environment. There is a constant option for content. So choose us to choose the content. If that isnt enough, We offer ratting and solo/small gang SRP. So your tiny wallet doesnt get any smaller!

Isk making include:

  • Mining our target’s moons
  • Scamming our target’s public doctrine contracts
  • WH crabbing
  • Bait ratting (where we rat with a bait ship and a cyno)
  • Insanely stupid levels of SRP
  • Random free injectors and bundles of isk.
  • Every other traditional form of PVE

Battle Report Tool (evetools.org)

We just got some more space kek!

With more crab space comes more pew pew space. Its time to fun, feed or both. Come join this super serious OP gaming pvp gameplay here. Kekl!

bumpy bump! Still generating too much content and isk to handle.

Bump! Been having lots of fights and been forgetting to bump this because of all the fun pew pew and isk making we have had.

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