Agartha forgeries is 420 friendly (AU/US TZ) PVP FIRST

Agartha forgeries is a corporation with a focus on content, kills and culture.
Every corp (nearly) can offer the same thing. So we focus on our culture:


  • Log On Regularly
  • Have a working mic
  • No Grass touching
  • Be at least 30m SP

What we provide:

  • A laid back group of shitters who like to chat and pew
  • An open coms environment so you don’t have to tip toe around someone’s feelings
  • Great opportunity to make isk from our:
    – Nullsec sov anomaly crabbing
    – R64 mining and corp R32 Mining
  • An extensive SRP that covers:
    – 75% of ALL small gang/solo losses, regardless off FC or lack thereof
    – 100% Crabbing SRP
    – 50% Alliance OP SRP (additional to alliance SRP)
  • Small Block Lifestyle (minimal blues, tight knit)

We are currently on deployment against a big bad block:

  • Lots of bads to pew against
  • PVP on tap
  • Mega Salt Mining

If our corp sounds like the place to be pop by in our discord or add me as a friend on discord and we can go from there!

Some Content! - Battlereport :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump Still Recruiting! PVP, ISK, great friends, amazing!