AGGROBEARS ✙ Combat, Explo ✙ FW and Indy Alt Corps

:skull_and_crossbones: Combat-Oriented :skull_and_crossbones: PvE/Small Gang PvP :skull_and_crossbones: Indy and Explo Side Hustles :skull_and_crossbones:

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➽ Find the Corp a Target, YOU Keep the Loot
➽ Recognize Aggression and Leadership
➽ Focus on Activity More Than Green Lines
➽ Campaign-Driven, With CLEAR Short-Term Objectives


Anti Tax: We formed as a protest against taxes and mandatory fleets where we donate our time and harvest
Lead from the Front: Leaders are there with you in fleet, in comms, and teaching the whole time
Brotherly: Senior members look after junior members with experience, ISK, and gear
Aggressive: We take fights and try new things until we overcome, and are against content-denial
Casual: It is JUST content and pixels. They get salty and personal, we post memes.

✓ HS Base, No War
✓ EU/US Times, Voice Comms
✓ FW Alt Corp, and Indy Alt Corp
✓ Heart of Devoid, 7j From Amarr
Very Casual
✓ Alpha and Newbro-Friendly

:heavy_multiplication_x: Meetings
:heavy_multiplication_x: Tax
:heavy_multiplication_x: Drama

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Join In-Game Chat ‘Got Content?’
Or Our Discord Got Content?
Our Website in Development:

bump for some good ol boys and maybe gals???

remember they are not care bears they are scarebears… ‘;…;’ RAWR!!!

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Took some time off recruiting to fight some hostiles in our area. Was structure warfare, which we dont enjoy (who likes being an F1 monkey?).

Now we are back and will start fun roams again with the new alliance, and our friends from Black Rise who live out this way now.

We will also be facilitating HS ops for some EVE and chill. I dont mind it if Im enjoying the company and helping learners while we’re at it.

Added more stuff to the website, like help for new CEOs and a Single-Planet P2 LOWSEC tutorial. Learners #1.

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Website coming along. Started streaming more regular, hope to help learners and make friends in the Devoid area.

Started setting up stuff for guys’ side hustles. Exploring the area for some riches goes well. Lots of explo in our home.

Will be doing a streaming series on starting fresh toon, and also starting fresh corp. Will focus on getting the toon ready for a variety of ISK-earning content right away, and start with derpy combat stuff.

Will be checking for Drifter wormhole (content hole) spawns locally as part of my daily CEO routine. Small and fast-moving or cloaky is our thing.

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