Aikos Stash of Shiny Things

I am looking to sell the following items, feel free to make offers on any of them or contact me in-game!

Revenant Blueprint - 175B
Python Mine Blueprint - open to offers
Anaconda Mine Blueprint - open to offers
Leopard Blueprint (copy) - open to offers

Shadow Fighters - 3b each

Gallente Victory
Triumphant Elite Skins

Rare Commodities:
A Really REALLY Clueless Tourist - open to offers
500 Aurum Token - 400m
Evermark (physical item, tradeable) - 5b
Amarr Diplomat - open to offers
Avrue’s Token - open to offers
Token of Submission - open to offers
Dark Blood Micro EMP Smartbomb - open to offers
Shaqil’s Speed Enhancer - 1.3b

Women’s Proper Dapper Outfit - 10b
Women’s SARO ‘Black Troop’ Combat Suit - 1.1b
Women’s State Military Stockpile Jacket - 2b

If you wish to see the entire collection of commodities/apparel or make private bids shoot me a message in-game.

100Million ISk

how many shadows do you have?

5 units :slight_smile:

post updated, vendetta blueprint sold!

Interested in the clueless tourist, but I’m not sure what it’s worth, so I’ll start you off at 1bil. Apologies if that’s way off or offensive, it’s not intentional :smiley:

175M offer then…

sorry to lowball you with my first bid.

I would rather hold on to them for now! But as I can see there are a few available on contracts!

110bil for shap


112 Shap offer

115 shap

116 B for Shapash

Shapash has sold to a 120b ingame bid meeting my asking price!

for the clueless tourist and the physical evermark items id love bids above 5b

bump! added “Women’s State Military Stockpile Jacket”


bump, looking to especially sell the revenant bpc soon :slight_smile:

I’d do 5 for a tourist

mail sent! free bump