Akavhi Guard - Malpais: Your Full Null PvP Experience!

Recruitment is still open!

Still Recruiting.

Fights, fleets and funding for it all daily, recruitment still open!

play eve the way its meant to be played, and have fun along the way…

We are still recruiting

Recruitment is still open!

Join us in Null-sec and Reach your full Potential.

Join us in Null, where the tears are half as salty but many times more satisfying

Have you ever watched those youtube videos of those big epic battles and wondered ‘Id like to be part of that’

Well what are you waiting for… join us !

Tired of high sec mining, ratting and little to no PVP action? Come join Akavhi Guard, we will open your eyes to all things EVE has to offer.

Akavhi Guard (RECON) will have you involved in every aspect of Eve; from Black Ops, Small roaming gangs, Large scale capital fleets and all facets of support. While also giving you the best mining and Ratting opportunities for all styles of play.


“we are still recruiting!” come join the fun we have it all PVP/MINING/RATTING and friendly people. Akavhi Guard (RECON) hope to see u there.

Recruitment is still going! Join in on fights against Legacy coalition!

Still recruiting!

thst right we are still recruiting…dont miss your chance!

Come get the kills before the hulls pop! Join us for barrels full of fun and exciting content! Still recruiting!

We are still recruiting, come join us!!!

Recruitment is still open! Join us in both large and small scale PvP.

Come join us guys!

lookinig for fun time in nullsec? join us!

We’re still looking for new pilots to join our up and coming corp! Feel free to drop by our in-game channel ‘Akavhi Guard Pub’ or join our Discord Channel to see if we’re the right fit for you!