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Akavhi guard is a PVP focused corporation within the Recon Alliance looking to increase our member base with similar like minded pilots. Based in the drone lands and currently deployed against the Imperium as part of WWB2 there is no shortage of exciting opportunities for you to be a part of!

All we require from you is that you are willing to engage in PVP operations both at home and during deployments, you have a laid back attitude while being able to seperate IRL differences and focus on the fun we enjoy as a corporation. Finally, we require that you have at least 10m SP. In return, we offer the following:

  • Active Mumble & Discord Full Of Helpful People
  • Generous Corp & Alliance SRP Programs
  • Small Gang Roams & Coalition Fleet Engagements
  • Subcap, Capital, & Super Capital Warfare
  • Spacious Home For Ratting & Industrial Needs
  • Strong Industry Base Inc. Capital Production
  • Recognition For Your Contributions

If you meet our requirements, and the benefits we offer sound interesting, then you are welcome to get in contact with us today! Begin the application process through the following:

Forums - Reply here and we will get back to you
In Game - ‘Akavhi Guard Pub’ Public channel
Discord - Akavhi Discord

o7 Fly Safe

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