ALL IN, I want to see PH and NC disappear from Null

I want to see Ironnight and his gang of Running with Wolves corp disappear from null sec. I am a 60m SP solo character, I only played solo, I am willing to bare myself to those opposing to PH and NC. Yes, I am choosing a side. With my burning hatred for PH and NC.

I am an alpha state, 0 PVP experience for now but I am good at doing what I am told. I am Japanese tz but I can be online when requested. Thankyou

I know this sounds cocky, My Intention Is True I Assure You. And there will be no more hiatus.

Just out of curiosity, how did you get to 60mil SP and remain Alpha?

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Oh, I prb hacked… I came back from a long “hiatus”, if you havent read. But nvm I guess I was bloodlust cause I got insulted. Is that all?

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