All sold thx

sry mate price is firm

Fine, contract to roadwind :slight_smile:

contract is up, cheers mate

Thank you, Ill accept later tonight

no rush mate

Since Eustia August stole the bpc contract, the revenant bpc is still available.
New Chemosh BPC added as well.
Both bpcs are in jita.

I beat you with much much lower price compare to 90b that’s not steal and I never force the buyer to pick my contract. By the way good job for buy my ‘Marginis’ Fortizar for 67b then relist to 120 several months ago probably still not sold yet and now talk shiit to me.

You just suck and cry like a baby lmao and you better retrack your post talk about someone sTEaL your 90b sale LOL

damn thats why your name looks so familiar to me. haha calm down mate, my bad, i do apologize.
btw, i like your fort, as its air still blow cold.

I can confirm that I did buy another by misstake, Im up to 78b now Cherry, as soon as Im up to price then Ill honor my comittement

all good mate its totally fine, theres no need to buy an extra if you already got what you want. I’ve sold 3 revenant bpcs at this price range and this is the last remaining one. It was pretty hard selling them, but after capital components patch announced, things getting much batter.

cherish bps are going for 70b now?!

say what? where did you find this number?

chemosh bpc is still available

still for sale