WTB Dagon/Vehement/Chemosh/Caiman/Loggerhead/Vendetta/Revenant/Molok/Komodo/Vanquisher/Azariel BPC

PM Me if you want to sell for a good price!

Still looking for copys

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Please take note:

Still looking

Still looking

Still looking

Have vehement bpcs @ 35b a piece. Mail if interested.

Is 32b okay?

Sure will contract now to you


Feel free to message me if u have some :grin:

175b revenant bpc in jita 4-4

can deal?

60 is too high

can do 57b

Ill can pay 50


Thanks i will take it later. Can xou get more?

Still looking for more

I have 1 revenant and 1 vendetta blueprint for sale, feel free to give me your quotes.