[ALL TZ] [BOSS/GTC] DARK STAR IMPERIUM Is recruiting for active capsuleers of all kinds [MILLITARY VETS ENCOURAGED]

-Dark Star Imperium-
Forging the Warrior Spirit
Proud Member of BOSS alliance/GTC Coalition

-Our Community-

  • Formed and managed by current and prior military, we are an open and blunt community. DSI is meritocratic; what that means is if you put in the effort, you WILL advance in the ranks. We are a brotherhood with a passion for not just PvP, but industry, and originality. No matter your playstyle, we have a place for You! Our philosophy on all aspects: going beyond the norm to support and establish supremacy on the virtual battlefield.

-Our Culture-

  • An open forum where anyone can speak their mind and affect change. Ruthlessness in PvP yet always a good time.
  • A family of Brothers/Sisters from all walks of life, we accept you for who you are and expect you to be yourself, show your prowess, and stand for the values of DSI.
  • Core members with 10+ years of EVE experience as well as complete newbros finally uniting under the same banner in New Eden (currently in Venal).
  • “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” -Sun Tzu, Art of War

-Who We Are Looking For-

  • Anyone who can fulfill roles such as PvP, Industry, PvE, Exploration and Trading of any skill level.
  • Those who are hungry for new opportunities, alongside helping your brothers/sisters.
  • Veteran humor is abundant so maturity and thick skin is encouraged.
  • Those looking for a team effort!
  • 18+, w/ Microphone and able to use Push to Talk.
  • DSI discord clearance/ESI check required for in-game membership: Dark Star Imperium (Discord Link)

bump! come join us!

Bump! Come join us!

Bump! Come join us!

Bump! Come join us!

Bump, come join us!

Bump! Come Join Us!

Hey Larrett

Im interested, should we do a chat at some point?

mailed ingame :slight_smile:

Bump! We are always open!

Bump! We are Always Open :slight_smile:

Bump! We are always looking!

BUMP! Always looking!


Bump! Still looking :slight_smile:

Bump, Still Looking :smiley:

Bump! come join the fun!

Bump! still looking!

Dark Star Imperium is the new discord link, old one went out, we are still looking!