Zero Reps Given - Looking for Null Sec Players

Zero Reps Given
*Established large corp accepting pilots
*Laid back play as you like
*Nullsec living 100+ Sov. systems
*24/7 Alliance Ops/Fleets available
*Fully stocked market +10% Jita prices
*Freighter assistance
*Returning pilot friendly.
*Corp moon ops with corp buyback.
*Capital Pilot support/ SRP
*38,000 member alliance
*Member of Pandemic Horde™®
*Active members in many TZ
*Looking for – PVP / INDY – pilots
Convo or come to our Recruitment channel
- REPLS public chat

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FREE ship washes every sat and wednesday.

I like the sounds of laid back.

If my current application I currently have open with another Corp.falls through I will be in contact!

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is a rare feature in EVE haha
yea we have a more of a friend-family atmosphere

sure hit me up ingame :smiley:

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