Price check for me - Fly Gallente carrier and Nyx

arton rune Malukkers Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

i can buy it but i need to know the skillpoints

23.8 million. Does the link not work?

15 bil

Thanks for the offer but I can get that if I just extract skills.

you get 12b if you extract, how much do you want?

I think I would be happy with 18M. He is very streamline. Only waste is has a couple of trade skills trained. They can be extracted. I will place him up for auction next week if you dont want him. Cheers

i can pay 18b

OK send Account and isk and will request transfer.

Received account name

Will transfer when isk is received.

Account is in Jita, NPC corp, positive wallet

has Nyx Exoplanets Hunter SKIN

Nyx Headhunter SKIN

isk is sent too

Request sent and paid transfer to CCP. Thank You

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